The Revenant (2015)

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The Revenant

After a terrible Indian attack that occurred in a fur trappers bivouac across a river in American wilderness, Hugh Glass (an American professional frontiersman who knows the territory well), his halfbreed son, and his remained companions are going back to the nearly outpost. But, a fatal bear attack occurred to Glass. Glass’s weak condition forced some men from the team assigned to be his caretaker. Along with the time, one of the caretaker- John Fitzgerald, chose to betray Glass and did an unforgivable decision. Relied on his irremovable anger, his powerful motivation from his family, and also his passion to still alive, Hugh revived. In his comeback adventure, he goes along the wintry terrain across the wilderness and use his survival skill to go back to the outpost, and attempt to find John and make him pay for his terrible decision.

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