Bald (2008)

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Bald is the tale of Andrew Wood, a second year university student whose grades are receding faster than his hairline. He hits rock bottom when he finds out that hes been kicked out of school. In an effort to increase his own self esteem and erase his insecurity about losing his hair, Andrew and his best friend Max start an online internet business with all of the girls as college to raise money for a hair transplant. Their little basement operation soon becomes a huge success and the young men and women achieve great wealth and prosperity. When several groups of parents see their daughters exposing themselves on a late night infomercial; the shit hits the fan. A group of parents band together and make a plan to teach these kids a lesson. Of course, Andrew and Max are way ahead of the game and catch wind of the parents plot. They quickly fortify their newly acquired mansion with an outlandish array of booby traps and obstacles to entrap the parents and teach them a lesson of their own. Andrew learns to overcome his fear of balding with a little love and help from his friends.

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